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ADD your voice to the list

With millions of people already playing tabletop RPGs online, and with the online RPG space growing, you can tap this new potential income resource by becoming one of our featured voice artists.

As a voice artist, you will make 85% of the price of an order...5% higher than similar voice-on-demand services. 

All you need to start is to send us your full name, a high quality .mp3 or .wav file of your audio demo, and a headshot.

When you send an audio file, please make sure to record an introduction at the beginning (ex. "Hello, my name is <first name only>, and this is my audio demo"). It should be between 30 and 50 seconds in length and showcase your ability to act out lines from a script. You can choose to recite lines from your favorite movie characters, lines from video games or sci-fi/fantasy shows, etc. If you can do different accents please include examples of them as well in your recording. Keep it clean. No curse words.

Email them to...

Please put in the subject line: "I'd like to get a gig".

Your demo reel will then be reviewed.

If approved, we will then send you a voice artist on-boarding email. Once you have completed the appropriate forms, we will add you to the list of available actors on our "VOICES" page. You will then be able to start receiving paid gigs.

*Voice Artists need their own recording equipment. This is work from home, independent contractor work *

**Voice Artists must be 18 years or older.**

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