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Write in or copy/paste from the "VOICES" page the name of the actor you wish to read your script.

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*No sexually explicit material please*

Enter your script's total word count in the box below.

give us direction

Enter direction for the script read in the box below. Include detailed instructions on how you want the actor to read the script (ex. what kind of voice, emotions, dialects, motivations, etc).

include any notes

Include any additional notes into the box below.

Please explain any specifically pronounced words by writing them out phonetically, as well as any other words or phrases that require specific attention to detail. 

licensing rights

Please select which type of use licensing

applies to this audio purchase.

Please make sure that you have previously

negotiated the price and payment terms for

Commercial or Full Broadcast Rights before

making a selection.

***If your voice actor has the "SL" designation, you

may opt to purchase Commercial or Full Broadcast 

rights using STANDARDIZED LICENSING rates.*** 

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Once you have filled in and double-checked your order, hit the submit button below. You will be automatically re-directed to the "PAYMENT" page to conclude your order.

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*You will not be charged until you have submitted your payment information on the "PAYMENT" page.*

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