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Easy pricing for scripts under 700 words

RPG Voices makes it easy to determine the cost for your audio assets. All price levels are standard up to  700 word counts.


Click here to check your script's total word count.

*Includes 1 recording retake upon request at time of delivery. Above 700 word count is a custom order and must be special quoted for terms of pricing & delivery time.*

Send us an email via the "CONTACT" page to either request a retake at the time you receive your order, or would like to request a custom order. Please describe in detail the reason for the retake or your custom order request.

**All recordings are licensed for personal use only and do not  include commercial rights, full broadcast rights, or permission for duplication, redistribution, or public broadcasting. You can request pricing for Commercial and Full Broadcast rights for your recordings via the "CONTACT" page.** 

The cost to split audio into multiple files is $5 per split, up to a maximum of 20 splits per order.

standardized licensing

The Standardized Licensing (SL) designation allows customers to purchase either

Commercial Rights or Full Broadcast Rights from SL-designated voice actors for one,

standard price per license type.


Send us an email via the "CONTACT" page to request pricing for commercial and full broadcast rights for all other voice actors NOT designated with the "SL" mark.

For definitions of Commercial and Full Broadcast Rights,

click on the "RIGHTS DEFINITIONS" link below:

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