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Now that you have chosen a voice actor, loaded your script,

added direction, and given us your contact info, it's time to place your order!

1-50 Word Recording

51-100 Word Recording

101-150 Word Recording

151-200 Word Recording

201-300 Word Recording

301-400 Word Recording

401-500 Word Recording

501-600 Word Recording

601-700 Word Recording

Above 700 word count is a custom order and must be special quoted for terms of

pricing & delivery time (minimum 3 days or more).

*Processing fees will be added be into the total amount charged.*

standardized licensing purchase

If you are ordering from an SL-designated voice actor 

and would like to purchase the licensing for either

Commercial or Full Broadcast Rights, 

you will need to do the following:


1. first select your purchase above, then...

2. once completed, return to this page so that you can then...


3. select the licensing type below.

SL Commercial

SL Full Broadcast

These are for the purchase of licensing rights from SL-designated 

voice actors only. To purchase licensing rights from all other

voice actors, you must first "CONTACT" us first to determin

price and terms.

*Processing fees will be added into the total amount charged.*

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